As our bodies age, everyday tasks can become more challenging. That’s why Just Home Medical offers a wide range of daily living aids—to help you navigate the challenges of everyday life whether you’re a senior, person with a disability, or just want to simplify your daily life.

The products in this category cover almost every need imaginable from reachers which help you grab things, to utensils for making eating and drinking easier, to aids for helping you write or type. Don’t let your age or physical condition hold you back! Keep life simple and stay independent with our daily living aids.

Essential Products for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

For some individuals – such as the elderly, or people with disabilities – everyday tasks such as eating, writing, and dressing may present themselves with considerable difficulty. Aids to daily living are specifically designed to help with these activities, allowing people with limited functional capabilities to surpass these challenges.

If you have a physical impairment that is preventing you from going about your daily routine safely and efficiently, daily living aids can help provide a sense of security and independence. When it comes to the variety of options of available, the choices can seem dizzying. Here are some tips to help you make activities of daily living (ADLs) much safer and easier:

  1. Don’t strain to access out-of-reach objects.

    Straining to reach objects that are out of range can cause injury – and relying on others to do so, can create frustrating feelings of dependence. Reachers act like arm extensions, allowing you to easily grab items from far away or from high shelves. Some models, like this aluminum reacher, attach magnetically to certain objects, making them practically fail-proof!

  2. Use specialized cutlery to make mealtimes less meddlesome.

    People with arthritis, weak grasps, or other hand limitations may find it difficult to use traditional silverware, which typically feature thin, slippery handles. Specialized cutlery sets, like the Invacare Bendable Utensils, are equipped with built-up handles and utensils that can bend to any angle, making them ideal for users with restricted ranges of motion.

  3. Exercise with ease.

    A lack of mobility need not mean a lack of exercise. Exercise machines, like this folding exercise peddler, can be used to gently tone arm and leg muscles, from a variety of positions (sitting, standing, or even reclining in bed). Peddlers can be adjusted to provide a suitable workout for virtually anybody, making them a fantastic one-size-fits-all option for individuals who find other machines restrictive.

  4. Take steps to prevent pressure ulcers.

    Pressure ulcers are a consistent threat for people who spend significant periods lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair. Using a special cushion, such as this wheelchair gel cushion, can ward off the development of these sores by optimizing pressure reduction, support, and comfort.

  5. Get a dressing stick to prevent hand and back pains.

    A dressing stick will make putting on clothes easier and less painful. With its durable metal hook and notched shoehorn, the the Hip Kit from Maddak is ideal for people whose reach, dexterity, or range of motion is limited. This kit includes a reacher that has a plethora of uses, such as to push or pull drawers, pick up clothes, or even turn light switches on and off.