The Bad News: Sitting at your desk job for 40 hours a week may literally be killing you, according to a Washington Post article.

The Good News: There are simple exercises you can do at your desk without disturbing your coworkers or hurting your productivity. So if you want to stay in shape while earning your paycheck, try the following exercises:

    CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball
  1. Replace your office chair with an exercise ball. Exercise balls force you to use your abdominal muscles to keep your balance, which helps strengthen and tone your abs all while you take care of email. Just sit up straight with your legs hip-width apart. This exercise will also take pressure off your lower back, and some say it even helps them concentrate better. You may get tired of sitting like this after a while though, so it's a good idea to keep a traditional desk chair nearby.
  2. Walk to talk to your co-workers. These days, with email, chat and phones, you can easily avoid walking over to your coworker's desk to talk to him or her. However, this means you spend more time sitting and less time getting acquainted with your neighbors. Not only does face time help build relationships with your coworkers, it's good for you to take your eyes off the computer screen, get up and stretch those legs.
  3. Strengthen your arms with water bottle weights. Full water bottles make great substitutes for dumbbells. You can use them to do bicep curls, overhead presses and front arm raises - all from the comfort of your desk. If 16 oz. bottles are too light for you, try gallon jugs for a more rigorous exercise. Plus, if the workout makes you thirsty, your water bottle will be much more helpful than a traditional dumbbell.
  4. Cycle under your desk. Exercise peddlers are the perfect office exercise equipment - lightweight, portable and relatively discreet. While your legs get a work out, your arms and head are free to keep typing and thinking away.
  5. Take the stairs and park far away. Work in a tall office building? Skip the elevator and go for the good ole fashioned staircase. Work in a smaller building? Park further away. You'll be adding a small but helpful dose of exercises into your daily routine.

Exercising at your desk may not get you in shape for the Olympics, but every bit helps. All it takes is a little effort and you can start living a healthier, happier life.