Many people find themselves getting out of shape during the winter months. It’s cold and the days are shorter, so you’re more inclined to stay home. Plus, there are all those holidays and all that junk food that comes with them.

But with a little effort, you can stay in great shape during the winter and maybe even have more fun doing so than during the summer months. For example, in the summer you don’t have the opportunity to go…

  1. Snowshoeing

    Snowshoes are extra-wide and designed to distribute your weight over a larger surface, so you can glide across snow banks and not sink in. The exercise itself is a lot like power running, only more fun. It uses many of the same muscles and is great for conditioning your legs.

    Plus, if you get good enough, snowshoe racing is a popular winter activity. Speaking of which, there are a ton of other fun, fitness-enhancing…

  2. Woman exercising to fitness video
  3. Winter sports

    If you’re looking for something high intensity, there’s hockey. If you’re looking for something low intensity, there’s curling. If you want to bond with the whole family, there’s sledding and the ever popular snowball fight.

    But sometimes you just want to get out of the cold. Consider joining an indoor volleyball league, dodgeball league, or try out racquetball at your local community center.

    If you’re not much of an outdoors-man and want are looking for some indoor exercises, there’s always…

  4. Jump roping

    Jump rope isn’t just a fun childhood game; it’s also a great workout. You can burn up to 135 calories in just 10 minutes. Plus, it’s great for sculpting your legs, arms, shoulders and chest – and you can do it all while watching TV.

    If you like to work out while being entertained, there’s also…

  5. Fitness videos

    Many people find it easier to stay motivated and stick to their fitness goals when using a workout video. You get the experience of working out with a group, but from the comfort of your own home. And these days there are more options for watching fitness videos than ever before – fitness DVDs; fitness shows on Netflix, Hulu, or good old-fashioned television; and even fitness YouTube videos.

    Or if you want something more interactive, you can drop fitness videos for…

  6. Fitness video games

    Also known as “exergaming” or “gamercizing”, fitness video games were popularized by Wii Fit in 2007. Since then, a ton of different fitness games have been released mostly for the Wii, although with the introduction of the Xbox Kinect, Microsoft has also gotten into the exergaming industry.

    If you want to exercise indoors but don’t want to be stuck at home all day, you could always go…

  7. Mall walking

    Mall walking has been growing in popularity and can be participated individually, in groups, or even as part of an organized community program. Plus, because mall-walking offers free, positive publicity for malls, many are now opening early before the regular stores just for mall walkers.

    Although walking is great exercise, if you want a full body workout you may prefer…

  8. The gym

    At the start of the new year, many gyms offer discounted memberships, trying to convince potential customers to keep their New Year’s Resolution at their gym. For the best deals, try gathering your family or coworkers to get a group discount. Plus, exercising with a group can help motivate you to keep your fitness goals.

So don’t let the cold keep you inactive! With all these options, it’s easy to stay fit during the winter.