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People don’t achieve their fitness goals for a wide variety of reasons. Often, it boils down to this simple fact: they don’t enjoy exercising. After all, getting into good shape is hard work. So by making exercise fun, you’ll not only have a better time, you’ll be more motivated and more likely to achieve your fitness goals. I find it helps to:

  1. Add variety to your workout.

    One reason people don't enjoy exercise is because it can get tedious and boring. Adding a little variety goes a long way. If you jog, try going to different parks so you can check out and enjoy the new scenery. Or mix it up completely by cycling or swimming instead.

    If you'd rather exercise indoors, try out some new equipment like a kettlebell, jump rope or exercise ball. You can also learn something new by taking a class in yoga, kickboxing or even belly dancing. Speaking of classes, people often enjoy exercise even more when they...

  2. Work out with a friend.

    Working out with a buddy is a great way to stay motivated and accountable to the goals you set for yourself. Plus, it turns exercise into a social activity you can look forward to. You're not just improving your health, you're also hanging out with a friend!

    Whether you exercise on your own or with someone, it's always a good idea to...

  3. Track your progress.

    Knowing that you're getting more fit is a great feeling. But you won't see it as clearly if you don't track your progress. Using a body fat calculator or keeping an exercise journal will make your improvements feel more tangible and keep you motivated. And when you reach certain goals, you should definitely...

  4. Reward yourself.

    Think of something you really enjoy, but rarely get to do. Something that's worth working towards, and preferably something healthy. Having a reward to look forward to makes exercise more enjoyable. Speaking of which...

  5. Sandwich the tough exercises between the pleasant ones.

    If you have your most difficult exercises at the beginning of your workout, you won't be as motivated to start. If you put the hardest exercise at the end of your workout, you won't be as motivated to finish. That's why some people prefer to put the most challenging exercises in the middle and begin and end with the ones they find most fun.

    But even when doing hard exercises, you can enjoy it more if you...

  6. Listen to music to get yourself pumped.

    Whether you love the top 40 hits or death metal, choose something that's fun for you and has a fast beat. This'll keep you going strong, even as your body gets tired. Of course, sometimes even our favorite music can get old, in which case...

  7. Exercise your mind while you exercise your body.

    If music won't do, try listening to something else. Catch up on podcasts, get inspired with TED Talks or indulge in a good story with an audiobook. This can make exercise an entertaining activity to look forward to, not something to dread. Plus, you won't just be healthier, you'll be smarter too!

Exercise doesn’t have to be daunting. By using these simple tips, exercise can actually be enjoyable. So have fun and get fit!