Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

Adult diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) occurs when the skin is irritated by prolonged wetness, a moist environment or diaper chaffing. If left untreated, the rash can become infected, leading to serious skin complications. Read below to find out what you can do to prevent a painful diaper rash:

  1. Use the right size incontinence product. This is key in preventing adult diaper rash. Measure your waist and hips to find a proper-fitting brief. The brief should comfortably fit snugly on your body. If the brief is too small or tight, it’ll dig into your skin, which in turn, can lead to painful rashes. A tight diaper will also restrict airflow to your perineal area, creating a moist environment for bacteria to grow. If the brief is too large or loose, there will be gaps that can increase chaffing and irritation to the skin.
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