When you have the right fitness tools, your daily workout becomes more effective and more fun. Of course, some fitness tools cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But you don’t need to break the bank to get your body in shape. Some of the most powerful fitness tools out there are also some of the cheapest.

  1. PVC Exercise Ball with Ribbed Surface

    Inflatable Exercise Balls

    If you want to tone your abs or improve your posture, then you’ll definitely want an inflatable exercise ball (also known as stability ball or swiss ball). These very simple, easy-to-use products make crunches 38% more effective! And that’s just one of the many exercises you can do with them.

    Exercise balls work by forcing you to engage all your core muscles to keep yourself balanced. They come in a variety of sizes from 10 to 48 inches in diameter. Get one that puts your thighs parallel to the floor when seated.

  2. Jump Rope

    In addition to being a fun childhood game, jumping rope has a ton of health benefits. It burns calories, tones your leg muscles and even fights heart disease. Plus, jump ropes are cheap, portable, and can be used just about anywhere.

  3. Resistance Bands

    Like weights, resistance bands are great for building muscle. Unlike weights, they’re super handy to store/travel with and inexpensive. They come in a wide variety of strengths represented by different colors. If you’re new to resistance bands, start with an easy or medium strength band and slowly work your way up. Best of all -- there’s a ton of different exercises you can do with them so you can focus on whatever muscles you want to tone and give your workout some variety.

  4. Yoga Mat

    Yoga has grown increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason. As you probably know, yoga is great for keeping in shape, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. But it also has other less obvious benefits such as boosting your immunity, improving sexual performance, reducing food cravings and improving sleep. Though yoga mats aren’t an absolute neccessity, they cushion you from the hard floor, making exercises more comfortable and enjoyable.

  5. Kettlebells

    If your goal is to build bulky muscles, then you’re better off using a traditional dumbbell. But if your goal is to lose weight and/or tone your muscles, then a kettlebell is the perfect choice. Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells are unbalanced, requiring you to use multiple muscle groups when working out. This leads to a more aerobic, cardiovascular workout.

  6. Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display
  7. Exercise Peddlers

    Finding the time to exercise can be a major challenge, especially if you work and have a family. So if you have a desk job (which are typically terrible for your health), why not multitask and use an exercise peddler while you work? If you don’t have a desk job, you can still use a peddler at home when you’re watching TV or reading.

  8. Pen and Paper

    This may be the most important fitness tool on the list, and it’s certainly the cheapest. Improving fitness is a slow and steady process, and unfortunately this means sometimes you won’t feel like you’re getting better. But by tracking your progress, you’ll have a tangible record of your improvements, keeping you encouraged and motivated to see your fitness goals through to the end.

Fitness tools don’t have to be expensive to be effective. By adding a few of these, you can mix up your workout routine and get in even better shape. Have fun getting fit!