With slippery floors and hard surfaces, it’s no wonder that the bathroom is considered the most dangerous room in the house. Medical conditions, such as eyesight issues and chronic arthritis, can affect balance and cause serious injury, especially to elderly adults. Fortunately, there are various bath safety products that can help reduce the risk of falls, and prevent you from suffering head trauma, hip dislocations, and other fall-related injuries. Here are the top five:   

    Extra Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs
  1. Grab bars – These safety bars offer an extra hand in case you start to slip on the wet floor. It’s best to install a grab bar in the tub area, right outside the tub, and by the toilet. If you’re looking for a temporary balance solution, try a suction cup grab bar. If you need something more permanent and stable, go for a clamp-on grab bar or screw-in grab bar.
  2. Shower chair – Take a seat while showering! Using a bath chair can help take the pressure off your legs and prevent you from accidentally slipping and falling. Most shower chairs are height adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.
  3. Raised toilet seat – For those with weak knees or a bad back, a raised toilet seat can help. It shortens the distance between you and the seat, making it easier and safer for you to raise and lower yourself to and from the toilet.
  4. Bath mat - Another way to prevent slips and falls is by using a bath mat. You can choose a standard rectangular shaped mat that covers the majority of the tub, or sticky decals that create a textured surface for bathing.
  5. Toilet commode – Commodes are ideal for bedridden individuals or those who have trouble getting to the bathroom. Some commodes are versatile, acting as a traditional bedside commode, a toilet safety frame, or a raised toilet seat. Look for a drop-arm commode to make transfers safer and easier.

Whether you have balance problems or are recovering from surgery, these bath safety products are sure to help you stay safe, maintain independence, and feel secure while using the bathroom.