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Top Medical Supplies for Your Emergency Kit

Applying bandage

You never know when an emergency might strike. Having a well-stocked first aid kit in your home and car is a vital and simple step to ensure that you can respond effectively to any unexpected injuries or illnesses that may occur. Depending on your family’s specific needs, the contents of your first aid kit may vary widely – but there are some essential products that are an absolute must. As you assemble your selection of supplies, make sure to stock up on these vital items:

  1. Use disposable gloves to protect yourself from pathogens.

    Any time you expose yourself to blood, sweat, or other bodily fluids, you’re coming into contact with pathogens that can make you ill. Moreover, if your hands aren’t completely clean, you run the risk of hurting, rather than helping, the person you’re tending to. Wearing examination gloves is essential for proper first aid.

  2. Clean and sanitize wounds with alcohol prep pads.

    Alcohol prep pads are designed to provide relief for cuts, scrapes, and burns, and play an important role in staving off swelling and infections. Before you bandage a wound, make sure to sanitize it first with a prep pad. The ultra-thick, extra-soft ReliaMed Alcohol Prep Pads are available in boxes of 100, and are great for treating all types of injuries.

  3. Medihoney Dressing
  4. To stop bleeding and cover scrapes, have a steady supply of gauze pads and medical tape.

    Gauze pads can be used to clean and cover wounds, and are also important in stopping bleeding. Make sure to keep sterile gauze pads in your first aid kit in several sizes, and use medical tape to keep them in place. In addition to supplying support, tape can also to provide relief to broken bones, sprains, and swellings.

  5. Apply creams and ointments to wounds to decrease the risk of infection.

    One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of an infected wound is to use an ointment, like Calmoseptine. Such hospital-grade creams works wonders not only on wounds, but also diaper rashes, burns, eczema, and poison ivy.

  6. Speed up healing and promote recovery with wound dressings.

    Proper dressing ensures that a wound is able to heal to its fullest. Purchase dressings in a wide array of shapes and sizes to guarantee that you’re ready for any injury. Medihoney dressings consists of honey impregnated into a calcium alginate dressing for all stages of wound healing.

  7. Hold wound dressing in place with the proper bandages.

    Proper bandaging of wounds ensures that pathogens are unable to penetrate the wound bed, thereby speeding up healing and reducing the risk of infection. Stock up on self-adherent bandages, like our Dufore Four-Layer Compression Bandaging System, to stay prepared.