Do you struggle with mobility due to an injury, disability or simply aging? We have the mobility products to meet your needs.

Walkers offer the most support, although they can be cumbersome and slow users down. Rollators, also known as rolling walkers, allow users to get around more quickly while still providing the support they need. We also offer canes, crutches, wheelchairs and even powered scooters in order to meet the mobility needs of every user.

Choosing Mobility Aids to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Woman using wheelchair

Mobility aids help those who have been injured or suffer from illness regain a sense of independence and freedom. These assistive tools are especially vital for the elderly, as the effects of aging and diseases and conditions, such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis, can hinder the ability to ambulate without pain.

From folding canes to 3 wheel rollators, mobility products help users stay physically active and remain socially connected with their loved ones. Read below to learn about the differences between the main types of ambulatory aids:

  1. The cane is the simplest mobility aid available.

    Often called a “walking stick”, canes are designed for people who need to take pressure off of one leg, providing a little extra balance while walking. A quad cane with a small base or large base offers more stability, and a seat cane offers a stable resting platform when you need a break. Folding canes are great for everyday use since they fold up into a compact size to fit into a bag or purse.

  2. Crutches are good for lower injuries, like a broken leg or foot.

    This type of mobility aid requires a bit of upper body strength to use and control. Choose from aluminum underarm crutches (auxiliary crutches) with ergonomic grips or lightweight forearm crutches. There are also hands-free options, like the iWalkFree Crutch, which helps restore independence and make everyday tasks much easier to accomplish.

  3. HybridLX Rollator
  4. Get a walker or rollator if you need extra support.

    Available with or without wheels, a standard walker features a stable frame with either no wheels or two front wheels. Rollators, or rolling walkers, provide even more stability, speed and control indoors and outdoors. Many rollators have a seat for resting, and some also double as a transport chair, so you can be pushed by a caregiver when you get tired. Walkers and rollators are typically very lightweight, and fold easily to fit inside the car backseat or trunk.

  5. Traveling long distances? Try a mobility scooter.

    A power scooter allows you to sit comfortably and zip around the mall or outdoors with ease. This mobility aid is used by individuals who are able to sit up without torso support and have finger dexterity to use the controls.

  6. You'll need a wheelchair if you've lost all weight-bearing capabilities.

    Wheelchairs can be moved manually by the user or pushed by another person. They can also be electronically powered, allowing users to transport from place to place with minimal effort.

  7. Don't forget to accessorize.

    Mobility pouches, walker baskets, and rollator bags provide a convenient way to keep your personal belongings with you wherever you go. Walker trays and cup holders make meals easier, while colorful walker balls and decorative cane covers help spruce up your mobility aid.
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