Backmax Plus Wide Back Support Wedge System

The original BackMax is now new and improved with a width of 28 inches so you can rest comfortably with elbow room to spare. The additional width provides great stability and comfort when using the wedge in bed or on a sofa. This deluxe version features wedges that are covered in plush microfiber material, and the set comes with a neck roll of for added support. Additionally, you'll appreciate the nylon carrying case for storage and travel.

The BackMax Plus features the same ergonomic cushion design as the original BackMax, and the zippered connections allow the wedges to be used in different configurations. The BackMax Plus raises your upper torso to aid digestion, snoring and sinus congestion, as well as relieve lower back pain, tired legs and aching knees. The wedge system helps elevate your legs to the approximate level of your heart, improving circulation so you can relax, rest and rejuvenate.