Drive Delta Ultra Light 1000 Full-Electric Low Bed

With Mattress
Bed Rail Length

The Drive Delta Ultra Light 1000 Full-Electric Low Bed is the perfect choice for an electric bed because it can be universally used with all of Drive’s and most other manufacturers’ bed ends (old and new). The key to this bed’s universal nature is the transition box that’s mounted on the foot section. The transition box allows you to alter the rotation of the bed’s high-low shaft. This universality helps keep you from spending unnecessary money. As an added bonus, once installed, the high/low shaft will stay with the bed – eliminating loss or the possibility of forgetting to install it on future installation. This bed uses a channel frame construction that provides superior strength while keeping the bed’s overall weight at a minimum. This bed frame has a very low height of only 9.5" at its lowest point, which can help patients with mobility issues get in and out of bed more easily. Frame weight capacity: 450 lbs.

Attaching the bedrails that go with this Delta Low Bed is easy since the installation holes are labeled and color-coded. This makes it easy to accurately install the bed rails, which then increases patient safety. The motor for this bed comes pre-installed to make installations easier. Plus, the motor for this electric bed is completely self-contained, which reduces both the weight and noise. You can even install or remove the motor assembly with the patient still in bed! If there’s ever a power failure, this electric bed has a battery backup feature – a 9 volt battery that can raise or lower the head and foot sections up to 9 times. The casters on this electric bed easily shift from standard to low bed settings. The hand pendant for this electric bed has large, easy to use controls.

To make this bed better fit within normal bedroom décor, the headboard is taller than the footboard. Also, for a more stylish look, the footboard and headboard have a wood grain look, and they are scratch and break resistant for durability.

There are 3 different mattresses to choose from are an 80” length Inner Spring Mattress, an 80” length Therapeutic Support mattress, or an 80” length Foam Mattress.