Compare Breathable Outer Layer Briefs

Breathable Outer Layer Brief Comparison Chart

Briefs with Breathable Outer Layer JHM Rating Cost/Each Description
Tena Classic Plus (18 oz) Better $0.83
  • Plastic tape zone across front
  • Colors - S-green, M-white, R-lavender, L-blue, XL-beige
Tena Ultra Best $0.94
  • Breathable sides
  • Colors - M-white, R-lavender, L-blue, XL-peach
Tena Ultra Stretch Best $0.97
  • Breathable sides
  • Easy up and down
  • Strip of refastenable Velcro
  • M/R-lavender, L/XL-yellow
Tena Flex Unique $0.84
  • Breathable belt around waist
  • Diaper hooks in front
  • Can be easily repositioned for wound care
Tena Night Super (25 oz) Best $1.25
  • All sizes, green color
  • Breathable sides
  • Designed for heavy wetting
  • Infrequent changes
Attends Breathable Briefs Best $1.00
  • Single leg gather
  • Flex-tabs press down, then tug
  • Available in Regular size for shorter persons who usually use Large size
Prevail (69 oz.) Better $1.06
  • Absorbent daytime brief
  • Easu-Lock Fastener
  • Fecal containment zone
Prevail PM (108 oz.) Better $1.33
  • Colors: M-yellow, L-green
  • Thicker with functional zones
  • More comfortable for nighttime use
Prevail Fits to a T (67 oz.) Unique $0.96
  • Stretch waist band
  • Colors: M-white, L/XL-blue
  • Absorbent part hooks in front and back
  • Ideal for ambulatory users
*absorbency listed when provided by manufacturer
*cost based on Large size / case
JHM Rating based on:
  • Absorbency
  • Cost
  • Wearability
All of the breathable outer layer briefs:
  • Have a breathable, cloth-like outer layer
  • Have 2 Velcro tabs per side, except Tena Ultra Stretch, Tena Classic Plus and Tena Flex
  • Are white (unless color specified)
  • Are available in S, M, L and XL sizes
  • Have an elasticized waist on Tena Flex, all others with flat waistband