Essential Bathroom Safety Products

Carex Composite Transfer Bench

The bathroom is considered the most dangerous room in the house, contributing to more than 200,000 home injuries per year, according to the National Safety Council. Given the dangerous risks of slippery surfaces, scalding temperatures, and sharp corners, bathroom safety is essential for the whole family, especially elderly adults and children.

Simple changes, such as using a nightlight, sticky tub decals, and non-skid bath mats, can help reduce the risks of slips and falls. For increased safety, bath safety products, provide a sense of security, while maintaining independence and dignity. Many people worry that renovating their bathroom for safety means ruining the walls, tub, and general look of their bathroom, but here are four simple changes that blend into any decor and leave no lasting changes to the bathroom.

1. Install removable grab bars in the shower and near the toilet.

Toilet safety rails and grab bars provide a place to hold onto if you begin to slip, or to arise from the tub or toilet. Removable options, like suction cup grab bars or a security tension pole with grab bar, install without drilling into your walls, ceiling or shower.
Teak Adjustable Seat Height Bath Stool

2. Use a shower chair.

Extended standing, inadequate light, excess water, and lathering bath products can produce a slippery mess in the shower. Using a fashionable shower seat, like the Teak Adjustable Height Bath Stool, can make showering easier and safer. As an added bonus, other members of the family can use it as a shaving stool

3. Raise the toilet seat height.

Installing a toilet seat riser or raised toilet seat can make it much easier and safer to sit and arise from the toilet. For a more discreet product with no additional cleaning, try the Toilevator. It installs at the bottom of the toilet, rather than at the top of the bowl. The Toilevator also blends in with any toilet, so no one will even notice it's there.

4. Swap out your standard shower head.

A handheld shower head provides ease and flexibility, allowing the user to shower while seated on a bath chair. The Lumatemp LED from HealthSmart changes color to indicate the water temperature, which is especially helpful for those with decreased sensitivity due to diabetes or other degenerative nerve conditions.