Pharmacist Recommended

JustWalkers' Pharmacist Recommended badge helps recreate the drugstore experience, with real, expert assistance online.

If you've ever felt confused or uncertain about shopping for an item you're not alone! It's the No. 1 reason customer assistance matters so much – shoppers look to trained, knowledgeable support to help them make their purchase decision a confident one.

As a pharmacist for over 30 years, I know that when people are looking for health and mobility items, they need this kind of certainty and qualified approval. Even with all the easy access to information on the web, many folks still prefer to visit their neighborhood pharmacy to speak to someone who is qualified to recommend an item that performs in just the way they need. But your local pharmacy may not have space to offer you the range of items you need most. And JustWalkers can.

JustWalkers recreates the drugstore experience.
To help recreate your local drugstore experience, we added our own "neighborhood pharmacist" to our site with professional, Pharmacist Recommended, top-rated products. These items have been thoroughly analyzed and price-compared to make sure you find the best product...and at the best price. So you can be confident your time and money is well spent.

Look for the gold badge.
JustWalkers' gold Pharmacist Recommended badge recreates the drugstore experience using real, expert online assistance. The badge is specially assigned to the ONE product in each mobility category (shown in the left margin) that is most likely to address common needs as well as budgetary concerns. The items have been carefully selected to match what our customers have commonly asked over time, and they have passed a thorough inspection by me and our expert team.

We simplify the process for you.
Even so, some recommendations may not always fit exactly what you are looking for, but we do our best to simplify the process so you become a smarter shopper along the way. If you are looking for a specific feature not met by one of our recommended picks, JustWalkers will be glad to provide a variety of different options to help you find what you're looking for.

We welcome your call to our experienced Customer Service team for guidance on specific products.
We sincerely hope you enjoy the experience of shopping with us.

Thank you for visiting Just Walkers!