Most Popular Raised Toilet Seats

Below are our top three elevated toilet seats:

Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

1. Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat

This raised toilet seat has a hinged feature that allows the ring to be lifted in the same manner as your standard toilet seat. The Hinged Elevated Toilet Seat raises the seating position by 3” for easy sitting and rising.
The Toilevator

2. The Toilevator

This toilet base riser adds 3.5" in height to your existing toilet, giving you independence to safely use the bathroom. The Toilevator is often preferred over supports attached to the toilet seat because it is more discreet and never needs to be removed.
Premium Seat Rizer with Removable Arms

3. Premium Seat Rizer with Removable Arms

The Premium Seat Rizer features tool-free removable arms that offer stability and flexibility to users. Made of blow-molded plastic, this elevated toilet seat from Drive Medical adds 3.5” to the existing toilet’s height.