Types of Bathroom Safety Bars

There are several types of bathroom grab bars based on their installation methods. Find out which type works best for you and your personal needs:

Lumex Knurled Nickel Grab Bar

1. Screw-on

Mounted onto the wall using bolts and screws, this type of grab bar is a permanent fixture that offers excellent stability for the whole family. These grab bars are generally made of stainless steel and have a non-slip gripping surface. Example: Medline Chrome Steel Grab Bar

HealthSmart Suction Cup Grab Bar with BactiX

2. Suction cup

Portable and ideal for travel, suction grab bars attach on any non-porous surface using suction cups. Some bars come with an indicator showing you whether or not the bar is securely installed. Suction grab bars are not meant to support full body weight. Example:  HealthSmart Suction Cup Grab Bar with BactiX™

Premium Tub Grab Bar

3. Clamp on

This type of bathroom safety bar, usually in a U-shape or rail form, uses a clamping device that securely attaches the bar onto the side of the tub. Bathtub grab bars assist users in stepping in and out of the tub. Example: Premium Tub Grab Bar

Stander Security Pole

4. Floor to ceiling

The floor-to-ceiling pole, or security pole, is a grab bar that extends from the floor to the ceiling. These safety bars can be used anywhere in the house to help users sit down and stand up, or to assist caregivers with transfers. Example: Stander Security Pole