Which Type of Commode Fits Your Needs?

Commode chairs come in a variety of styles. Find out which type works best for your needs:

Medline Black  Steel Bedside Commode

1. 3-in-1 commode

This combination commode can be used in three ways: as a free-standing commode to help users who can’t make it to the bathroom on their own; as a raised toilet seat to help those who have trouble bending up and down; and as a toilet safety frame that provides balance while sitting down and getting up from a toilet. Example: Medline Steel Bedside Commode

Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Commode Bath Seat

2. Shower commode chairs

Made of waterproof and rustproof materials, shower commodes offer independence to those who can bathe themselves, or assist caregivers with easy and safe cleaning. Example: Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Commode Bath Seat

Nova Drop Arm Commode

3. Drop-arm commodes

A drop-arm commode features sturdy and durable arm supports that drop down and out of the way for easy and safe lateral transfers from beds, wheelchairs, or transfer boards. Example: Nova Drop-Arm Commode

Nova Shower Chair/Commode

4. Commodes with wheels

Commode chairs with wheels provide easy transport from the bedroom to the bathroom. Some wheeled commodes can even be wheeled over the toilet or directly into the shower. Example: Nova Shower Chair/Commode

Knock-Down Combination Transfer Bench/Commode

5. Transfer bench commodes

The transfer bench commode is a combination of a transfer bench and a shower commode that helps users get in and out of the tub safely. One side of the bench is flat, allowing the user to easily slide to the other side, which has the actual commode. Example: Knock-Down Combination Transfer Bench/Commode

Drive Folding Steel Bedside Commode

6. Folding commode chairs

Folding commode chairs are very convenient because they easily fold up for storage or travel. Foldable commode chairs may come with other features such as drop-arms for easy lateral transfers or padded armrests for added comfort. Example: Drive Folding Steel Bedside Commode