Types of Raised Toilet Seats

There are three different types of raised toilet seats based on their installation methods. The length of time you will need the raised toilet seat and the style of your bathroom may influence your choice:

Deluxe Plastic Seat Riser

1. Non-locking

Ideal for short-term use and post-surgery, this type of elevated toilet seat includes pads that adhere to the underside of the existing toilet seat. Non-locking raised toilet seats may be used with a toilet safety frame or toilet grab bar for additional stability. Example: Deluxe Plastic Seat Riser, Blue

Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat (with Arms)

2. Locking

The locking raised toilet seats use clamps and locking brackets to securely lock the seat into place. This type of raised toilet seat is ideal for medium-term use. Example: Medline Locking Raised Toilet Seat (with Arms)

Standed Toilet Seat Riser with Arms

3. Bolt-in

Perfect for elderly adults or those with physical disabilities, this type of raised toilet is permanently attached to the toilet with bolts and screws. Bolt-in elevated seats stay stable and secure during transfers. Example: Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms