Shower Chairs: Which Style Fits You?

Shower chairs come in a variety of styles – find out which type works best for you and your needs:

Hygienic Bath Seat with Backrest

1. Standard shower chair/bench

Designed to fit into narrow and regular-sized bathtubs, standard shower chairs and benches are the simplest shower chairs available, and come with or without a backrest. Example: Hygienic Bath Seat with Backrest

Bath+Safe Swivel Adjustable Shower Seat

2. Round bath stool

Ideal for narrower shower stalls and tubs, this type of shower chair has a round, fixed or rotating seat and usually doesn't include a back support. Example: Bath+Safe Swivel Adjustable Shower Seat

Shower Transport Chair

3. Mobile shower chair

Providing easier accessibility for those with mobility issues, these chairs have wheels to transport users in and out of shower stalls or bathtubs. Most rolling shower chairs have an open seat or bucket that acts as a commode. Example: Shower Transport Chair

Folding Shower Chair without Backrest

4. Folding shower chair

Convenient for easy travel or compact storage, this is basically a standard bath chair/bench, but with a folding capability. Example: Folding Shower Seat without Backrest

Aquatec Bali Bathboard

5. Bath board

Portable and efficient, bathboards (or shower boards) are placed across the sides of the bathtub and feature rubber stops that securely keep the board in place.