Do Little Mermaids Wet Their Beds? Willis, Jeanne (Hardcover)

Cecelia is a clever little girl who can do many things, even write her name in pen. But she has a problem that won’t go away: she wets her bed. She doesn’t mean to do it! She tries very hard, but still, there are horrid plastic sheets to sleep on and soggy nighties to wash in the morning.

Then one night Cecelia has the most wonderful dream, about a little mermaid who reveals that she, too, has had this difficulty. Small bedwetters will be reassured by Jean Willis’s gentle rhyming story, most charmingly illustrated by Penelope Jossen.

This creative, colorful story uses fantasy and adventure to teach children that bedwetting is a common problem that they should not be ashamed of and that they can overcome with a little bit of time and dedication.