DVC Nite Train'r Bedwetting Alarm


Nite Train'r is a moisture-sensing device for children who wet the bed. The small plastic alarm box attaches to the shoulder area of the child's pajama top, close to the ear, while the moisture-sensing pad is worn over the genitals and held in place (inside the underwear) with a pair of close-fitting shorts or panties.

The alarm unit uses a 9-volt battery and has a built-in volume control switch (high/low). The alarm emits one single tone and does not vibrate.

This bedwetting alarm features a gender-specific sensor pad. Please specify male or female when ordering. These moisture-sensing pads may be uncomfortable to wear for some individuals.

Box includes: Nite Train'r alarm, two moisture-sensing pads (2 male or 2 female), instructions for use, progress chart, and one 9V battery.

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