E-Z Carrier 3 Scooter & Power Wheelchair Outside Manual Scooter Lift

Hitch Adapter Type

The E-Z Carrier 3 Height Adjustable model is designed for those who wish to take their mobility scooter or power wheelchair on trips but do not have the room to put the cooster in their car, van, or SUV. This scooter carrier is great for vehicles with a really high or really low hitch height. If your hitch is less than 12" off the ground, you need the rise adapter. If the hitch is more than 14" above the ground, choose the drop adapter.

The simple, yet functional design of this scooter carrier requires no batteries, motors, or actuators. Simply fold the ramp down, load your mobility aid, fold up the ramp, strap and go! When not in use, the entire lift folds vertically for easy transport.

Constructed of durable steel with a powder coated finish, this lift carrier works with both Class II and Class III hitches. The platform measures 28" x 50" with a 3" security rail. If using a Class III hitch, the lift will support up to 400 lbs. If using a Class II hitch, the lift will support up to 200 lbs.