E-Z Carrier Electric Wheelchair and Scooter lift

The EZL Electric Carrier is the low cost alternative to the often much higher priced electric lifts that you find today. This scooter lift is ideal for heavier scooters and mid-wheel drive powerchairs. Just drive the scooter onto the wide platform (28" x 50" with 3" side rail), flip the switch and the handicap scooter lift raises the scooter or wheelchair automatically!

This electric scooter lift attaches easily to a standard Class 3 hitch. The lift folds up vertically when not in use, and has a perforated deck which greatly reduces wind resistance and allows for maximum visibility when driving with the lift in upright position.

Constructed of durable steel with a powder coated finish, this wheelchair lift comes with a hand crank in case of battery failure. The lift has a weight capacity of 400 lbs., if using a Class 3 hitch. If using a Class 2 hitch, the lift will support up to 200 lbs.