MK Battery M40 Gel Sealed Batteries (1 Pair)

Premium gel MK batteries have been the number one choice for years by the leading power wheelchair and scooter manufacturers. When it comes to performance and quality, the MK Gel is the standard.

This particular 12-volt battery provides 40 amp hours and has a 59-minute reserve capacity. It weighs 32 lbs. and measures 7.76" x 6.62" x 6.87".

MK's advanced gel sealed batteries deliver more power and consistent performance than other types and brands of mobility batteries. MK gel sealed batteries:

  • Last longer than comparable wet lead/acid and marine batteries
  • Are approved for airline and public transportation
  • Don't need to be fully discharged before recharging
  • Don't develop a "memory" that limits recharging
  • Don't need to be recharged with lower amps than wet lead/acid batteries
  • Won't automatically discharge if placed on concrete