Neb-u-Tyke Speedster Nebulizer System


The Neb-u-Tyke Speedster Nebulizer System is a lightweight piston-pump powered nebulizer system designed especially for children and racing enthusiasts alike. Stickers are also included for your child to decorate to his/her heart's content, which should help your child become more attached to the compressor. The cool racecar design of this compressor and the stickers will help ease any fears your child may have of nebulizer treatments, as the noise can be attributed to the car's imaginary engine. The power switch, air outlet, and filter cap are all hidden underneath the car's hood. This maintains your child's imagination through the treatments as he/she can think the treatment is part of tuning up the engine for the imaginary car. An optional race themed carrying case keeps the racer theme going while housing all the components to this nebulizer system in one, easily transportable place.

This product requires that you regularly replace the air filter and nebulizer set. Please visit this page to view all compatible neb sets and air filters.

What's in the box: compressor, disposable nebulizer (5 ml capacity), mouthpiece, adult mask, pediatric mask, "T" adapter, 7' of tubing, 3 filters, optional carrying case.