Odor Zyme Enzyme Stain Remover

Bottle Size

Get rid of stains and odors with OdorZyme! This enzyme based product is effective against all organic odors and stains from pet accidents, vomit, spilled food and drink, spoiled food, human wastes, mold, etc. OdorZyme doesn't just mask odors - it completely eliminates urine odors!

Use OdorZyme on carpets, draperies, walls, floors, diaper pails, toilets, garbage cans, and dishwashers. Ideal for use as a spot treatment or pre-wash, this urine stain remover is safe for wood, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted surfaces, and most fabrics. Choose from a 22 oz. spray bottle and a half-gallon container. Ready to use; no mixing required.