You Can Go to the Potty - Sears, William et al (Hardcover)

When you were a baby, Mommy and Daddy had to help you with everything. Now you’re growing up, and you can tell Mommy and Daddy when you are hungry, tired, and when you have to go pee-pee or poo-poo. You are even learning how to use a little potty! When you feel like you have to go, you can tell Mommy, “Go pee-pee!” and she will take you to the potty. With Mommy and Daddy’s help, you will soon be wearing big-kid underpants, and you’ll be able to use the big toilet all by yourself!

Potty learning is an exciting step in a child’s development. But it can also be a confusing and frustrating time for both parent and child. Based on the foremost authorities on parenting and childcare, William Sears, MD, and Martha Sears, RN, this book clearly introduces the basic steps of toilet learning in a natural, non pressured way.